Measures taken

  • We have intensified the general cleaning of the center, paying attention to the areas of common use and to the most frequent contact surface such as counters, railings and door knobs.

  • We have strategically distributed hygiene points with hydroalcoholic gel.

  • We have placed information elements with the measures to follow during the visit.

  • A contact form has been developed to inform in the event of a regrowth of the virus. It must be filled in.

  • Disinfection of the helmets after the visit.

Measures for the visit

  • A contact form must be filled in in the event of a re-emergence of the virus.

  • The visit will take place in small groups of 15 people maximum.

  • Use the mask and keep it in throughoutthe tour.

  • Wash your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance to the center and in the different spaces that you will find properly indicated.

  • Avoid touching information panels.

  • Follow staff information and recommendations.


  • Maximum 15 people inside the spaces visited.

Buy tickets

  • It is recommended to purchase tickets online through the Centre's website. It should also be done when admission is free.

  • At the box office, the card (or other contactless system) will be the preferred means of payment. The dataphone will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. The use of cash to minimize the exchange of money will be avoided.

  • The contact form must be filled in in the event of a regrowth.


In case of doubt about these measures or other situations that you may consider for a visit to our space or the use of our services, please contact us at 648 14 10 70 or at