Good practices

Recomendations for a satisfying experience

  • We inform you that inside the bunkers it's not allowed:

    • Enter inside with food or drinks

    • Lean on bunkers or museum items

    • Touch the exposed objects

    • Run and shout

    • Access with animals (unless it is a guide dog).

  • We remind you that you must mute your mobile phone.

  • The monitor's mission is to make your visit easier. Please follow their directions.

  • We ask for the utmost respect for other visitors.

  • Children under the age of 16 can only access accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

In the case of group visits:

  • We remind you that the group must stay together throghout the journey and always accompanied by the person responsible.

  • In the case of arranged activities, it's recommended to arrive at the center with enough time to organize it. If the group is delayed due to an unforeseen event, please call 648 141 10 70.

In case of cancellation:

  • If the center cancels the visit, either due to weather conditions, illness or health emergency, the purchased ticket will be refund.

  • If the visitor cancels the visit, they must notify us 24 hours in advance, otherwise they will not be refunded.