About us

The interpretation center is located in a fully restored Cerdanya's house. The visitor center has been devoloped as a place to experiment and understand wartime. Our center has a reception and information space where you can find diferent services (reception, telephone, toilet, shop ...)

Through an innovative museum montage, based on different audiovisuals, the visitor center Parc dels Búnquers recreates in a totally rigorous way, but at the same time, suggestive, the atmosphere that surrounded the world of these constructions. the bunkers. We will give the keys to understanding the historical context wich led to build this colossal fortified line. It allows to relive (through reason, but also with the senses) the feeling of anguish and uncertainty and also the horror of the political events of that time. The goal is to understand why these bunkers were built and what was the reason to construct it.

That’s why Parc dels Búnquers also wants to be an educational resource for schoolchildren. A way to learn and undestarnd an episode of our recent history, from a turbulent but fascinating time.